Flexible Full Motorcyle Training

Motorcyle TrainingYou have to consider several things when you want to join a full motorcyle training course. You need to know how long it will take to complete the course, the modules included in the training program, which module is best for you, and how much it will cost you to obtain your bike license. Motorbike training centres may charge you as high as £800 for a fast-track course that does not give you much flexibility. There are no such issues when you join Motoden motorcycle training program. We offer a highly flexible payment system. You can pay the fee over the course of training program. There is no need to pay a lump sum amount at the start of the course itself.

CBT or Compulsory Basic Training is the first module of full motorcyle training course. It is similar to any other driving training course. The registration fee is £140 during the weekend but only £130 on other days of the week. The fee covers everything needed to complete this basic training module. You should know that a CBT training course requires you to give a whole day of undivided attention. There are some important things to remember about CBT:

– You must have some basic knowledge of motorcycle operations.
– You will have to produce both paper and photo card of the UK license to complete CBT
– It is better to complete your CBT module on a geared bike (you will be free to ride both geared and automatic bike later on)

Now the next step is to visit the nearest DSA centre and book your theory test for the full motorcyle training. It is an easy to do online course that can be completed at www.dsa.gov.uk website. You can prepare yourself for this test by taking help of online mock tests. There are many websites that offer practice tests for free. Try to do as many mock tests as you can. You will be well prepared for the official exam with the help of these mock tests.

After completing the CBT training and theory test, the next step is to join the two days of motorcycle training course at Motoden. You have to pay £300 for this training. There are three types of training modules. Select a training module according to the age criteria, the type of bike you want to ride, and the type of traveling you will be doing after completing the training course. Following are the three training course options:

A1 License
– 125cc automatic scooter
– You should be at least 17 years of age
– You should have no difficulty carrying passengers
– “L plates” can be removed

Staged Access
– Geared 125cc motorbike
– If the test has been cleared by the age of 17, the applicant can move to 400cc bike at age 19 and 600cc bike at age 21
– It is limited to the test you have completed recently
– You should have no problem carrying passengers
– “L plates” can be removed”

Direct Access
– It is for 24-year or older applicants
– Can go directly for 600cc test
– You are free to ride any motorcycle you want

Complete one of the above training courses according to your specific case and needs. Now you are ready to take module 1 test. Consult your trainer if you are ready to take this test. After training you for two days, the trainer will be able to tell you if you are now ready to take this test.

You will have to pay £15 for the module 1 test. It covers tests like an emergency stop and off-road swerves. You can drive to the test centre if you are taking the test on a small bike. However, if it is a large bike, you will have to ride with the instructor. After completing the first set of tests of the first module, you will be able to decide if it is time to move to module 2 training course or you should undergo some more full motorcyle training. The whole process will cost you £100 and take half a day to complete the training.

It will cost you £75 to take module 2 test. In this test, you will be riding your bike on the road. Your driving skills will be observed closely by the examiner. The whole process will take 30-40 minutes. You will be receiving instruction via intercom. Similar to module 1 test, you have to ride with a trainer if you are taking the test on a larger bike. You are free to travel alone if the bike capacity is not more than 125cc. This test will also take half a day.