Getting Your Diesel Truck to 600K Miles

It was once considered a minor miracle if you could get your family car to last 100,000 miles. Heavy-duty work work trucks with diesel engines are capable of much more. Here’s how to make sure your older truck can go the distance.

Maintain the Drivetrain

Your engine and transmission are the two most costly systems in your truck. They work together to provide the power you need for mile after mile on the interstate, as well as the towing capability you bought a heavy-duty truck for in the first place. But don’t forget that you can replace your engine and/or E4OD Transmission with a rebuilt one when the time comes. Postpone that expense as long as possible by watching oil and transmission fluid levels religiously, and changing them at or before the recommended intervals. It’s a good idea to check oil with the engine cold and after it’s been parked on a level surface for an hour or so. Then check the transmission when the engine is warm and running. Use caution around moving parts when checking.

Keep the Body Clean

A little dirt and grime is a badge of honor for a work truck, but keep an eye on road salt deposits in areas where it’s used for snow removal. A rusted out body will retire your truck as fast or faster than a bad drivetrain.

Watch Your Tires and Brakes 

Tires and Brakes wear out rapidly, especially under heavy load conditions. Keep an eye on these components, as your mileage may vary considerably depending on the types of loads you carry, what kind of roads you routinely drive on, and speeds that you travel. Gradual acceleration and braking will lengthen the life of these components substantially.

With the right care and maintenance, there’s no reason your truck can’t make it to 600,000 miles. This will increase your profits if you’re using your truck for business.