London Motorcycle Training Guide

For generations, the use of motorcycles for different activities has been witnessed in society. Motorcycles are not only fast but effective and efficient. Owning or riding on a motorcycle comes with an extra level of satisfaction. It, however, means that having the right skills before using the automobile is necessary. With the many concerns that come with using automobiles like motorcycles, having the right preparations is called for. The best and smart way to prepare is by gaining the necessary skills.

London Motorcycle Training

Through practical training, acquiring the right motorcycle riding skills is more comfortable. London Motorcycle Training is among the many companies and institutes that offer such a service. Enrolling in London Motorcycle Training allows you to acquire the necessary skills and also get a valid license. Signing up for a motorcycle riding class/course is an important decision to make. The company offers such classes at different levels. Such levels are dependent on the age of the rider and the license to be acquired as highlighted below:

A1 training (light license). This level is permitted for individuals between the age of 15 — 19. The rider is under the guidance of the instructor at all times.

A2 training (restricted license). This is permitted for individuals between the age of 19 -24. The rider is still under instructions.

A3 training (unrestricted license). It is permitted for individuals above the age of 24. There are no restrictions on the speed the rider can go for.

Motorcycle Riding Tests and Exams

Practical riding tests and exams complement the training. The rider has to sit for a mandatory theoretical exam. This is followed by field practical tests. The aim is to sharpen the skills and impart necessary discipline to the rider as a motorist. The tests and exams come at a cost that the management communicates.

Training Packages and Costs offered by London Motorcycle Training

The company provides the following packages (inclusive fuel, bike hire, riding gears, VAT, and insurance):

Compulsory basic training (CBT): This is a MUST for every rider. This training is only available for individuals with a valid UK driver’s license or an EU driver’s license. Charges 99 — 129 pounds.

Motorcycle theory Exam: This comes immediately after basic motorcycle lessons. Every rider is expected to sit for the exam.

Practical Training: One can enrol for Practical Training after CBT and Theory tests. Maximum of 3 days at 175 pounds a day.

Module 1 test: Detailed training (extra) cost 15 pounds.

London Motorcycle Training makes the best professional motorcycle rider in you. For information, visit and sign up for the training.