The Advantages of a Diesel Engine

When you purchase a vehicle, one of the choices you must make is between a vehicle with a gasoline-powered engine and a diesel engine. While many people choose the gasoline engine, a diesel engine has several advantages.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Diesel may cost slightly more at the pump, but it more than makes up for the added cost with its efficiency. Diesel engines have a high compression rating, so a gallon of fuel lasts longer than in gasoline engines. An Airdog fuel pressure system or turbocharge technology can further improve the fuel economy of a diesel engine. 

Lower Emissions

Diesel cars may be a better ecological choice than gasoline vehicles. Per mile, diesel engines produce fewer CO2 emissions than gasoline engines. As an added bonus, owners may benefit from tax breaks for choosing a diesel vehicle.

More Reliable Engine

The compressed air ignition system reduces the possibility of electrical failure in diesel engines as opposed to vehicles that rely on a spark ignition system. While repairs to diesel engines tend to cost more when they’re necessary, less frequent maintenance may result in lower maintenance costs overall.

Greater Towing Capability

One of the main reasons truck owners tend to opt for diesel vehicles is their superior towing capacity. Diesel engines are designed to produce more torque than gasoline engines. Extra torque improves acceleration as well as towing ability. For drivers who frequently haul large loads, this benefit may be an essential part of their decision process when purchasing a new vehicle.

When choosing your next car, consider the benefits of purchasing a vehicle with a diesel engine. If you frequently tow heavy items, the decision may be a simple one. Even if the car costs more in the beginning, the money you save on fuel and overall maintenance may offset the higher price.