The Benefits of Full Motorcycle Training in The UK

Many people love the thrill of riding motorcycles. Unlike four-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles are highly maneuverable and easy to park compared to cars. However, motorcycles do not offer the same protection as vehicles in crashes. For this reason, extensive training is important to ensure you do not endanger the lives of other road users, pedestrians, as well as your own. Here are the benefits of undergoing full motorcycle training:

Improve bike-riding skills

Training will equip you with the skills required to keep you and other road users safe. Some of the subjects covered during training include the use of signals, braking techniques, clothing and safety gear, slow and high speed maneuvering, weather conditions, road surfaces, passengers and loads, rear observation, riding in the dark, and incident management. Even if you have been riding motorcycles for years, it is wise to enroll in an advanced motorcycle-training course to improve your bike riding skills. In general, training can make the difference between life and death.

Learn how to maintain your bike

Motorcycle training courses involve more than learning how to ride faster or handle a bike. It also involves important tips on bike maintenance. Remember a bike that is in a sorry state is a safety hazard to the owner and other road users as well. For example, students learn that they should check tire pressure every day. The correct tire pressure improves handling and prevents unnecessary wear and tear of the tires. Students also typically learn other maintenance tips including how to check the drive train, brakes, oil, fuel, suspension, and electrics such as tail/brake lights and horn. In addition, students learn the importance of taking their bikes to qualified and licensed mechanics for servicing and maintenance. Remember, the regular checks you carry out daily do not translate to servicing. If you shun proper training, you may never understand the importance of bike maintenance.

Learn respect

Motorcyclists who undergo training learn the importance of respecting other road users, including other cyclists and pedestrians. For instance, motorcyclists learn how to overtake without compromising the safety of other road users. Other important aspects that motorcyclists usually learn include their legal responsibilities, separation distance, pedestrian crosses, handling bends and corners, what to expect on dual carriageways and motorways, as well as parking and motorcycle security. This is important because many motorcyclists tend to brake sharply, ride too close to other vehicles, or creep above the allowed speed limit.

Improve fuel consumption

Although the price of oil on international markets has been falling steadily in recent months, there is no guarantee this state of affairs will remain true in coming years. With this in mind, motorcyclists should take steps to improve fuel consumption. An effective way of achieving this goal is by taking riding lessons. It is worth noting that one’s position, speed, acceleration, and gear selection can have a huge impact on fuel consumption. The problem is many bike riders are unaware these factors affect fuel consumption.

Get rid of bad riding habits

Many motorcyclists tend to adopt bad riding habits over the years. This may be as simple as improper positioning or as worse as lack of respect for other road users. The good news is training can help riders identify such habits and adopt good riding habits. Once again, this can make the difference between life and death.

Motorcycle riding has a thrill that is virtually unrivaled by driving a car. However, this thrill can turn into nasty injuries or even fatalities. To ensure this does not happen, one should undergo proper training. Benefits include improvements in bike-riding skills, respect for other road users, learning how to maintain one’s bike, and helping one get rid of bad riding habits. Sign up for full motorcycle training in the UK today at